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A mattress underlay which effectively prevents condensation and damp under mattresses or upholstery.


DRY-WEAVE consists of a unique multi-polyester 3D net structure with a textured 4-way surface layer to protect your mattress. The thinness of the fibres allows air circulation to carry away both warmth and moisture: the material of the network itself can absorb no moisture because of its physical properties.

The spacing weave has a very high vertical stability (500kg/m2) but can still adapt to the anatomy of the backbone and help prevent back pain. The use of DRY-WEAVE  will usually make a slatted bed base unnecessary.

The 10mm thick weave provides a layer of air between mattresses/upholstery and the bed base thus inhibiting the build-up of mould, mildew, fungal growth and unpleasant smells

Sold on the roll or fitted.