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Radic8 – Air Purification + Sterilisation


Indi-Clean don’t just jump into any old collaboration – we choose the best. And they have to prove it! Radic8 make the best, most stylish Air Purification and Sterilisation units. Small, stylish and powerful – with proven results (…just ask).

Once placed, free standing or wall mounted, Radi8 units inactivate 99.99% of respiratory viruses, fungus, firedust and odour and toxic gas. In other words they make that room a ‘Clean Air Space’.

Crew Space – Guest Cabins – Bridge = Your choice.


Why Us?

Air purification can seem complicated… Radic8 makes it very simple.

Radic8 has created an all-in-one solution for air quality that is convenient, affordable and has the test data to prove its worth.

VK Blue

The VK blue is the perfect air purifier and steriliser for medium to large rooms.


Viruskiller VK Blue

The VK blue is the perfect air purifier and steriliser for medium to large rooms. Combining pre filter, hepa filter, activated carbon and the reactor cell of 8 super UVC lamps with 40 Tio2 hexagon filters makes it the ultimate solution for spaces up to 60 square meters.


Hextio | Air Purification x 10

New for 2017! Hextio uses ultimate reflection and retraction within the reactor chamber to enhance its efficiency by 10 times. The most compact, stylish, fully automatic, super efficient and cost effective air purifier and steriliser for all home and work enivronments.

Hextio is an air purifier and steriliser

As well as being the perfect solution for indoor air pollution in homes, hextio is also perfect for hotel rooms, waiting rooms, nursing and retirement homes, offices and all work environments. Its compact size, ability to be surface stood or wall hung, automatic plug and play function, super efficiency on all pollutants including Odour Neutralisation, low energy usage and cost effectiveness means that you can enjoy the benefits of clean air wherever you are.
Advertising clean and safe air in work environments is also a unique selling point that will please many people.