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Indi-Clean work with Flamescreen Ltd UK

Your yacht could be at risk if you haven’t taken the correct precautions.  The flame retardant we apply to protect your vessel is “Emalfon i” from Flame Screen Ltd.

“Emalfon i” is approved for use on Large Yachts in accordance with MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 453(M) by BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd Certificate No: 53/00047.

Due to the complexities involved, flame proofing aboard can only be carried out by experienced Licensed Professional Applicators.

Indi-Clean, as a Licensed Applicator, will supply full certification from Flame Screen Ltd as proof of treatment and validity.


Indi-Clean Flameproofing service provides:

  1. Professional Flame Retardant Treatments for yachts on carpets, fabrics, textiles and upholstery.
  2. Certified On-Site Application accepted by all Major Flag States, with full audit trail and 24/7 secure access.
  3. MGN 453(M) MCA Approved.
  4. Application by fully trained licensed operators providing you with full protection and peace of mind.