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Indi-Clean Flame Retardant Treatments

We offer treatments to protect your yacht in line with recent legislation changes and processes. Make sure you've done everything you can to protect all those aboard, not to mention the vessel itself.

On-board Flame Retardant treatments for your fabrics

Indi-Clean work with Flame Screen UK to ensure your vessel complies with current legislation. We comply with MCA MGN 580(M), Fire Protection and Flame Retardant treatments for Fabrics.


Flame Retardant (FR) liquid is applied to the interior fabrics: to delicate natural fibres and the not so delicate synthetics.

Care must be taken to apply the correct amount of FR and in the correct method. It is the fabric type that dictates these two factors. The fabric must be identified prior to treatment to ensure no mishaps. Indi-Clean are masters at dealing with fabrics.

Why choose Indi-Clean Flame Protection?

Indi-Clean work everyday cleaning and restoring fabrics. We know how they perform and how to treat them (or not). We know our fabrics.

We use some of the world’s most advanced liquid flame retardant technologies. Our chemical, Emalfon, is an antimony free and non brominated ammonium polyphosphate non hazardous flame retardant. It has passed the most stringent of IMO-FTP code 2010 tests.

Emalfon can be used to treat items such as carpets, curtains, cushions, blinds, rugs, upholstery, bed covers and mattresses. It is tested against skin irritation and inhalation and contains no harmful chemicals.

Indi-Clean work with clients on a long-term basis. Fire retardancy is a regular process with planned maintenance intervals.

Our Mission Is Simple

We would like to see all super yachts opt for flame retardancy as the first line of defence. This would proactively prevent a fire from taking hold and the subsequent deployment of a sprinkler or suppression system. It would also save the expense of later having to renew or replace all of the water damaged items.

Our role is to help owners and Captains ensure they have done everything they can to protect everyone on board against fire. Safety at sea is important. We want to spread the word about the benefits of our flame retardant application.

Why do you need Flame Retardancy?

  • Peace of mind
  • Added level of safety for those on board and for your investment
  • No upheaval or need to remove furniture as treatment is applied whilst in port or at anchor.
  • Once applied the treatment is invisible (and does not affect the handling of the items)
  • Can be added regularly to maintain adequate levels of retardancy
  • Costs as a percentage of the value of the vessel are extremely small
  • You may need FR to comply with current legislation

Our expertise in the field of fire prevention means we are able to advise on marine legislative requirements and compliance required in respect of flame proofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure whether I need flame retardancy on-board my super yacht

The regulations for flame retardancy on super yachts are sometimes difficult to follow. Why not contact us and we can discuss what you are legally required to do to keep your guests, crew and vessel safe?

What textiles should I have treated?

Super yacht designers pride themselves on sourcing the most unique fabrics and textiles available. These items can be very delicate and often a challenge to treat. Don’t worry as Indi-Clean has many years of experience in this field. Rest assured we will take the utmost care of your super yacht.

I need my certification urgently

We understand that sometimes you will be working to very tight deadlines so we will do our utmost to ensure that your paperwork arrives swiftly. If you are at all worried, then do contact us and we can provide a solution.

How often do I need to re-apply the treatment?

The treatment will be certified for 18 months. However, the MCA recommend treatment is applied annually as general wet cleaning of the treated textiles will affect the flame retardant product applied.

My Yacht is used for private use only do I still need to apply FR treatments?

This is a very valid question, it is best to check with your insurer and your flag, they will advise, however fire does not discriminate between private or commercially run yachts. We treat many private yachts who wish to meet the standards of a fully commercial yacht and of course have that extra peace of mind.

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If you need any advice, help or just have questions about our services then you can get in contact with us using any of the methods below. Alternatively, if you'd like to drop into our offices for a face to face then we'd love to meet you and discuss how we can help.

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