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After a charter, at the end of season, new yacht crew or new boat owners:  refresh, deodorise and sanitise your yacht’s mattresses.


The mattress is by far the dirtiest piece of furniture we own yet we’re content to spend a third of our lives lying on it.  While sleeping, the average adult will shed around two pounds of skin and 260 litres of fluid per year and most of this will go into the mattress.  Your own is unpleasant enough – do you really want to share the bugs and fluid of others?

Matters are even worse on a boat.  The sealed air-conditioned environment of boats and yachts means mattresses rarely get aired or refreshed, allowing bacteria to build to unacceptable, sometimes dangerous, levels.

The humidity on Mediterranean islands, such as Mallorca, can cause mould and mildew to grow on mattresses; another avoidable health hazard.

Indi-Clean uses an award-winning anti-microbial sanitizer that kills bacteria (including MRSA), viruses (including Hepatitis B and HIV), fungi, algae and mildew. (Approved to European Standard EN 1276).  This powerful, yet safe, liquid is pressure-sprayed into the mattress, left to activate, and then rinsed with a highly-powerful liquid extraction machine.  All work can be done onboard here in Mallorca, quickly and with very little disruption.

You know it makes sense.