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Air & Surface Sanitisation using Ozone (O³)

Allow us to introduce the most innovative cabin sterilization system on the market to date – ozone air and surface purification – for the ultimate in on-board cleaning and sanitisation.

Yacht crew live in very close quarters, often in a sealed below-deck environment that has little access to fresh air – perfect conditions for bacteria, viruses and mould to inhabit and flourish.  If one crew member gets sick, all too often all crew members, or guests, get sick.  This is a nightmare you want to avoid.



Ozone is the most powerful naturally-occurring oxidative agent.  With its extra free radical oxygen molecule, it can destroy the bacteria, viruses and microbes that cause surface or air contaminations.  If we treat your yacht interior with ozone air and surface purification, virtually all pathogens that make your crew and guests sick will be eliminated.

Not only will this powerful broad-spectrum microbiological-control agent clean and purify the air, it will also penetrate all exposed fabric therefore eradicating harmful surface contaminants and germs.  Cabins will be safe to re-enter after a fast 20 minute cycle and smell fresh and clean to boot…..like a new boat! A great way to refresh cabins in between charter guests or heavy use.

Ozone treatment will leave no chemical residue (unlike alternative detergent or synthetic cleaners) and our portable steriliser unit has a novel ‘scrubbing’ technology that removes all ozone gases at the end of each cycle by converting ozone gas (O³) back to oxygen (O²).

  • Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacterial cells than chlorine.
  • Ozone eliminates virtually all chemical use.
  • Ozone is chemical free and produces no toxic by-products.
  • Ozone has full FDA approval for direct food contact application.
  • Ozone is extremely effective as a disinfectant.
  • Ozone is generated on board your boat – no transporting, storage or handling of hazardous materials.
  • Ozone is much safer for crew than conventional chemicals.
  • Ozone sanitation has no negative impact on the environment, the crew or the operator.

Air purification and surface sanitisation that is great for your boat, your crew, and for the Mediterranean too.